Padilla & Sons Kimonos Review: Single Weave & Hybrid Weave

Product review for the Padilla & Sons Gold Weave Kimono.

A while back I said that I would write a review on these two gis as a follow up to my first review on the Padilla & Sons (P & S) Kimonos Gold Weave gi written almost a year ago. In that review, I compared the Gold Weave gi to 2 other high end gis and even a Judo gi. If you’re not familiar with P & S Kimonos, I suggest reading the first review where I give some background information on the company. In short, the company is owned by Joe Padilla in Long Beach, California. He is a BJJ brown belt (Rigan Machado) and a Judo black belt, and he is making some of the best damn gis in the sport.
In this review I will be breaking down the features of the P & S Single Weave and Hybrid Weave gis. I am only listing the features of each gi side by side and not directly comparing them to each other. As I am running out of non-Padilla & Sons gis to compare to, you can refer to my comparisons in the previous review here.
To restate my criteria for judging the quality of a gi, the areas I look for are (in no particular order): 1) Weight. I am not a fan of heavy gis. 2) Comfort. I don’t want a gi to be too abrasive or stiff. 3) Fit. The gi obviously needs to fit just right and be comfortable on my feet, in my guard, etc. And, lastly, 4) Construction. I want a gi that will last me years wearing it 3 times per week or so if need be. It should also be reinforced in critical areas with strong material.
I will also add a new 5th point of judgement that has come about due to my increased training in Judo over the last couple of years: 5) Cross over capability. I prefer BJJ gis to Judo gis (mainly because they are lighter and fit better), but many BJJ gis can’t be worn in Judo class or Judo tournaments for several reasons (illegal dimensions, too many graphics/patches, poor construction, etc.). A BJJ gi that can also be worn to Judo class or competitions is a plus in my book.
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